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Section:Baggage & Freight Inspection
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General Specifications


Tunnel Size:1020 mm(W)× 1020 mm(H)

Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s

Conveyor Height:300mm

Max. Load:200 kg(Evenly distributed)

Image resolution:19’’LCD 1440×900






System Function


Alarm Function , Browse , Fault Self-diagnosis and Maintenance Functions , Image Navigation , Limits of Authority Management for Operator , System Working Timing , TIP , User Management,Urgent Stop , Working Status Display , Outlet Skateboard ,Image Split Joint , Single-directional Scanning , Date & Time Display , High Density Alarm , Image Magnification Display , Luggage Counting , Network Interface , One-key Shutdown , Self-check Power-on , Save and Retrieval , Save As , Ultra-thin Scanning ,X-Ray Emission Timing , Emission Timing.




Optional Function


Bi-directional Scanning , EI-BB100 Black Box , OTP The Operator Training Program ,Voltage Stabilizer , Voice Recording Function , Voice Announcement Function,  Energy Saving , UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply ,  LED Screen Display.

EI-100100G is a practical large tunnel design security equipment for for large size luggage inspection like flight luggage cases and so on.With adjustable conveyor speed(0.2 or 0.4 m/s) and proprietary image display technology ,EI-100100G can improves security check efficiency by 2 times or more while maintaining image quality.


Technology features


 Shiny clear images; High-resolution

 Multi-energy penetration system

Multi-functions image processing system

 EI-TIP(Threat Image Projection) function

Any selection of the image magnified area

Collection the high-speed parallel of detection data

Removable structure with independent console

Support JPG&BMP image transformation format to USB

Big tunnel design with multi-function operator interface

 Portable separate structural design, equipped with independent operator’s desk