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Vehicle General Specification


Vehicle Model:IVECO Turbo daily 2.8T-V42 or similar

External Dimension:5990mm(L)×2100mm(V) ×2770mm(H)

Weight:3950KG around (include EI-100100 x-ray inspection machine)

hite lacquer, aluminium guard board, abrasive floor, back door of the operating room, reversible lock

Dynamo and cables is installed at the back door to supply power. Air conditioner (Outer unit+ build in remote control unit, 1.1KW power

Power supply system

Synchronous, automatically trigger, automatically calibration


Dynamo:7.1kw/3600rpm,357 cc, 4 stroke air cooling


Optional Function


High Density Area Alarm, Black Box, TIP Threat Image Projection, X-Auto Sight Contraband Auxiliary Recognition System, OTP Operator Training Program, One Key to Shutdown.


Technology Features

  • Flexible, mobile x-ray security inspection equipment
  • Integrated with EI-100100
  • Stable and superior performance
  • High resolution and penetration
  • Comfortable internal working condition
  • Easy for the passengers and high inspection efficiency




Airport, Checkpoint, Border crossing, Venues, Tourist Places, Bus Station

Cabinet X-ray inspection General Specification


Tunnel Size:1010 mm(W)× 1010 mm(H)

Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s

Film Safety:Film Safety ISO 1600 Film

X-Ray Leakage:Compliant with international standards

Max. Load:200kg(Evenly distributed)

Resolution:Typical:40AWG, Standard:36AWG

Penetration:Typical:32mm steel, Standard:27mm steel

Spatial Resolution:Horizontal: Φ1.0 mm Vertical:Φ1.3 mm

Anode Voltage:160 KV(adjustable)

Cooling & Running Cycle:Sealed oil cooling & 100%

X-Ray Sensor:Multi-Energy L photoelectric diode array detector