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Trainer for industrial process controllers. This trainer allows students the study and familiarisation with the function and operation of a industrial process controller. The “CECI” Trainer consists of:

  • Digital controller with freely selectable parameters. It has accessible inputs and outputs. As well as manual configuration and parameter setting with keys, the controller can be configured from a computer (PC) over an RS232 interface.
  • Digital voltmeter for the measurement of the input and output signals.
  • A signal generator allows to produce defined input levels and step signals.
  • Controlled system simulator. A first order lag is simulated to allow the response and stability of a closed control loop to be studied.

All signals are accessible via lab jacks, so instruments or apparatus can be used (for example a plotter, line recorder, ect).
Possibility of control external system models with this contoller.

Trainer for industrial process controllers.
Steel box.
Configurable digital controller:
2 inputs, 1 output. Configurable as P, PI or PID controller. Proportional gain X : 0 -999.9%. Integral action time T : 0-3600s. p n
Derivative time T : 0-1200s. RS232 interface for configuration on computer (PC). v
Digital voltmeter: 0 -20V.
Signal generator with potentiometer. Reference variables generator: 2 voltages selectable. Output voltage: 0-10V.
Controlled system simulator:
Controlled system type: First order lag . Time constant: 20s. Process variables as analogue signals: 0-10V. System gain: 1...10.
All variables accessible as analog signals at lab jacks .
Possibility of connection of external instruments via lab jacks (for example:line recorder, plotter, oscilloscope...).
Configuration software CD.
Interface cable.
Set of lab cables.

This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance &
Practices Manuals.



  • Electrical supply: single-phase 220V. / 50Hz. or 110V. / 60 Hz.
  • Computer (PC).



  • Dimensions: 490mm x 330mm x 310mm. approx.
  • Weight: 8Kg. approx.