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LIMEL, Electrical Machines Integrated Laboratory is a set of different elements that can be interconnected to form a complete learning and teaching center. From the minimum configuration to the most advanced one (always depending on the customer’s choice) EDIBON offers a means of learning electric functions and those of its most useful appliances. This process is always carried out through real working devices.

Customer may choose the equipment that best adapt to her/his educational needs, always bearing in mind that all previously acquired elements are fully compatible and valid for future extensions.

EDIBON presents its range of products. We have divided them into main and complementary elements. As far as we are concerned, the main units constitute the basis for a good understanding of Electrical functions and equipment. The complementary elements help with a deeper knowledge on the subject, and EDIBON encourages to complement any laboratory configuration with MUAD and CAI systems, which have been designed to be the best teaching assistants.



Common Electrical Machines Base Units:
EDIBON presents three alternatives with increasing complexity and practical possibilities.

  • EME. Electrical Machines Unit. It is a compact unit including the main electrical functions. It is EDIBON’s most advanced option.
  • EME/M. Electrical Machines Unit (intermediate option). Students can get a good grasp on the subject.
  • EME/B. Electrical Machines Unit (basic option). It includes the most basic functions

Measurement Units:

  • MULT. Multimeter (simplest alternative).
  • EAL. Network Analyzer Unit.
  • EALD. Network Analyzer Unit, with Computer Data Acquisition + Oscilloscope (PC).
  • EALDG. Network Analyzer Unit, with Computer Data Acquisition + Oscilloscope (PC) + Oscilloscope Display.
  • EAM-VA. Analog Measurement Unit.
  • MUAD. Power Data Acquisition System. The most powerful data acquisition system and virtual instrumentation.


  • RCL3R. Resistive, Inductive and Capacitive Loads Module. It is a compact box with resistive, capacitive and inductive loads already mounted and ready to use.
  • Individual loads. As a basic alternative, customers may select independent loads to be integrated in the system by himself.

EDIBON has a selection of 21 different motors, covering almost every educational need.
A brake should be considered a must-have in the laboratory, due to its applications with motors: torque measurement and speed control.
EDIBON offers 6 type of brakes:

  • FRE-FE. Electronic Brake.
  • DI-FRE. Pendular Dynamo Brake.
  • FREND. Dynamo Brake.
  • FRENP. Magnetic Powder Brake.
  • FREPR. Prony Brake.
  • FRECP. Eddy Current Brake.


  • ETT. Three-phase and single-phase Transformers Unit.
  • EMPTA. Auxiliary Transformer and Protection Module.
  • PPT. Three- phase Power Transformer Unit.
  • Individual Elements (variable auto-transformer, single-phase transformer and three-phase transformer).

DC Motor Speed Control:

  • VVCC. DC Motors Speed Controller.
  • VVCC/M. DC Motor Speed Controller (intermediate option).

AC Motor Speed Control:

  • VVCA. AC Motors Speed Controller.
  • VVCA/M. AC Motor Speed Controller (intermediate option).

PLC. Programmable Logic Controller:
The PLC is a device for real time control of sequential processes in an industrial environment.
In this case, EDIBON has developed:

  • PLC-PI. PLC Module for the Control of Industrial Processes. It is a module for controlling the Electrical Machines Unit “EME”


  • For measuring the motor speed.

MUAD. Power Data Acquisition System:
Data acquisition system and virtual instrumentation. EDIBON has developed this unique data acquisition interface, link between the equipment and PC, for an adequate visualization of the results yielded by the equipment. These components together (hardware + Windows based software) makes the computer work as a virtual oscilloscope, with all its features and applications.

  • Hardware: MUAD. Data Acquisition Interface Box + DAB. Data Acquisition Board.
  • Software. Data Acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation Software.

CAI. Computer Aided Instruction Software System:
The best help in classroom for both teacher and students.

  • INS/SOF. INSTRUCTOR SOFTWARE. Classroom Management Software Package (Teacher software). Only one package is needed per classroom. Helps creating databases, reports and statistical comparisons among many more features.
  • EMT../SOF. STUDENT SOFTWARE . Computer Aided Instruction Software Packages. Each Motor has its own package. Gives the students the proper

assistance on theoretical knowledge as well as in practice, presenting exercises and questions.