Drying Oven Yamato DKN302


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Categories: Alat Laboratorium
Type: Drying Oven Yamato
Section:Oven Laboratorium
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Circulation method Forced air circulation
Operating temperature range Room temp.+10 to 260deg.C Room temp.+10 to 250deg.C Room temp.+10 to 210deg.C
Temp. control accuracy
Temp. distribution accuracy
±1.0deg.C(at 210deg.C)
±2.5deg.C(at 210deg.C)
Max. temp. reaching time Approx. 90 min. Approx. 60 min.
Interior material
Exterior material
Stainless steel
Cold rolled steel plate with melamine resin baking finish
Heat insulating material Glass wool
Heater Stainless pipe heater
0.8KW 1.2KW 1.34KW 1.2KW x 2 1.5KW x 2
Fan type Scirocco fan, Condenser type
Motor 10W 30W 10W x 2
Exhaust port/Cable port 30 mm l.D.×2 pcs.(the top) /30 mm l.D.×1 pc. (right side) 30 mm l.D.×2 pcs.(the back)/30 mm l.D.×1 pc. (right side)
Observation window 180×180mm 250×280mm None


  • Fixed setting, programmed, Quick Auto stop, Auto stop, and Auto start operating modes are possible, along with easy control capabilities.
  • Settings can be made digitally using the dedicated operation menu keys or the keys. Incorporates a 30-step, 3-pattern program controller with repeat functions.
  • Over-heating prevention and calibration offsetting are possible through the auxiliary functions.
  • Comprehensive safety features.