Ultrasonic Flaw Detector TUD310

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● Four ways to present waveform: positive half-wave, negative half- wave, full wave and radio frequency.

● Automatic gain adjustment, defect equivalent calculation and peak memory function

● Two high resolution scanning mode: A and B

● Display of echo envelope

● Two individual gates setting and alarming function.

● 32 detecting channels are available with separate detecting parameters and DAC (Distance Amplitude Correction) curves in every channel.

● Automatic formation of DAC curves, and 30 points’ data can be recorded infinitely, adjustable offset curves and gain correction functions are available.

●Three detecting modes(single-probe, dual crystal probe and transmission) with automatic calibration function

● Connected to PC via USB interface with advanced software for data analysis and management.

● Data and documents are managed with file allocation table (FAT)system, making the management of inspection data more convenient, reliant and faster

● Super large memory up to 32M, 1000 echo data can be stored.

● EL Highlight matrix display (no drift with angle, temperature or sunlight)

● Brand new digital signal circuit is designed for TUD310

● Digital signal processor (DSP) is used for signals analyzing, making circuit noise reduced properly and waveform more stable.

● EPSON ink-jet printers can be connected with TUD

● Real-time waveform display and review

Scanning range : 2.5 mm ~9999 mm

Scanning resolution : 0.1mm (2.5mm ~100mm) , 1mm (100 mm ~5000mm)

Gain range : 0dB ~110 dB

D-delay : -20µs~+3400µs

P-delay : 0µs~99.99µs,resolution 0.01µs

Sound speed : 1000 m/s~9999m/s

Bandwidth : 0.2MHz~15MHz (Low0.2~1 Mid.0.5~4 High3~15)

Vertical linearity accuracy : 3%

Horizontal linearity accuracy : 0.2%

Dynamic range : 32dB

Rectification : Positive half wave, negative wave, full wave, and RF

Sensitivity leavings : 60dB

Test mode : Pulse-echo, dual and through transmission

Pulser : Spike excitation pulser

Damping : 50ohms, 150ohms and 400ohms



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