Single Gloss Meter HP-300

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Brief Introduction

HP-300 is a portable instrument mainly applied for the quality control in the field of paints,varnishes, printing, printing ink, building material, plastic cement, ceramic, artificial leather, hardware. It covers the range necessary to measure almost surface from high gloss to matt.



● The appearance design conforms to physical dynamics, high accuracy and stable performance easy to operate.

● Professional analysis software for the gloss data analysis and output, easy to transfer data by removable memory card

● Automatic calibration, internal calculation of max, min, mean standard deviation and coefficient of variation

● 1000 groups of measurement data can be stored

● Alarms for low-power and space shortage


Deviation (GU) : 0.2

Working temp : 10℃~40℃

Storage temp : -10℃~70℃

Humidity : Less than 85%, non-condensing

Power : 4AAA alkaline battery (optional)

Dimension (mm) : 163.8x58.1x88.3

Weight (g) : 520



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