EI-6550G Multi Energy High Throughput X-ray Security Detection Equipment


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Categories: X-Ray
Section:Mail & Parcel Inspection
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EI-6550G x-ray security detection equipment is a new product of Eastimage, two optional speeds are available for your choice. When there is a small amount of flowing people, you can turn the speed to 0.2m/s; and you can turn it into 0.3m/s when it need high throughput. It is ideal for airport, railway stations, and large-scale events where high efficient security detection is required.


  • Tunnel Size:650 mm(W)×502 mm(H)
  • Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s、0.3m/s
  • Conveyor Height:687mm
  • Max. Load:160 kg(Evenly distributed)




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